3 things to try this summer

I’ve already seen the back to school tax-free weekend signs popping up in stores around town. I don’t know about you, but I’m not quite ready to throw in the beach towel quite yet.

With several weeks left to take advantage of these hot sunny days with the kids home, I wanted to share my 3 summer discoveries. {Bonus: the first two were created by working moms.} I hope you find a few new things to try this summer!

things to try this summer jl childress car organizer

Hit the road

Summertime means road trips for a lot of families. We were no exception this year with our 12 hour drive to our new home in Texas. There’s no way we would have survived the trek without two things. First, a portable DVD player stocked with all of the Disney Jr. favorites. Second, this Backseat Butler Car Organizer.

The car organizer from J.L. Childress {you met the co-owners back in June} has a lot going for it. It’s the perfect size with just the right amount of pockets for tucking away books and baby wipes. The main compartment is huge and stores plenty of toys and activities to keep kids busy. The two cup holders are a lifesaver in my SUV where typically neither kid can reach their drinks while strapped into their carseats.

My only con for this road trip essential was that it’s designed to sit on a bench seat. We tried to strap it to the cooler in between the bucket seats, but my son always found a way to take it off every hundred miles!

Take a hike

After spending nearly a week inside our new house in Houston unpacking, my family got stir crazy. Desperate for social interaction with the outside world, we hit up a park nearby where we bumped into several families finishing a walk together. Thanks to Hike it Baby these group family outings are happening everyday all over the world.

It’s no surprise this organization was started by a mom looking to get out of her house with her newborn son. It has grown into an international community, many offering multiple meet ups every single day.

With so many options there’s never an excuse not to get out and enjoy some fresh air. And not only is Hike It Baby a great way to get your family outdoors this summer {and all year long}, but you’ll likely make some new friends and explore some new places along the way!

Go Green, Go Deep

e-cloth-deep-clean-mop-free-mamaWhen I found out I was pregnant earlier this summer I had to make some changes. No more changing the kitty litter. No more heavy lifting. And no more chemicals. These last two were especially tough as we attempted to keep our Kansas City home clean for showings and began packing.

Then I came across the Deep Clean Mop from e-cloth. It’s super light and is so flexible it can practically lay flat to reach under low tables and couches. Plus, I can go from my tile kitchen to my wood floors with the same product and all I need is water. Yup, the fibers remove over 99% of all bacteria and dirt your kids and pets track in without using any chemicals.

The best part is that you can have one too! Tell me about something amazing you discovered this summer in the comments and be entered to win a Deep Clean Mop of your own.

Disclosure: this is a sponsored post. I received free products from J.L. Childress and e-cloth in exchange for a review.

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  1. Indoor “Kid Cafés” around Seoul, Korea! When it’s 100+ degrees outside, the Koreans sure know how to show kids (and parents) a nice time at indoor parks, playgrounds and educational museums, many with different themes (Hello Kitty anyone?!). All with A/C and most with snacks too!

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