Hello, super moms! This is the place where savvy business women meet motherhood, and learn to tackle them both in beautiful chaos

The Free Mama was created from a desire to help working moms who want to be a kick-butt career woman and PTA president {okay, maybe not president}.

As mothers, we are constantly questioning whether the choices we make are what’s best for our families. Do I stay at home with my new baby and give up a job I find fulfilling? Do I continue to work and pay someone else for childcare? Maybe you’re like me and didn’t have a choice because your family needed two incomes.

Soon after I returned to work after my first child; however, I realized how much I actually enjoyed my career, but struggled with putting in my best hours of the day working for someone else. The Free Mama explores what it’s like for moms who want it all.

Meet Lauren

Lauren Golden is a wife, mom, blogger, and entrepreneur. She owns two businesses, both geared towards helping women create and grow their businesses online. As a perpetual pursuer of a healthy work/family balance, she is passionate about working moms and hopes to boost a community in which all women can say they have it all.

Lauren is fellow entrepreneur and life partner Justin’s biggest fan. She is a mother of 3 – Daphne, Henry and Audrey, whom she blogs about often.