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When I was approached by the owners of an international, savvy, women-in-business organization to launch a chapter in Kansas City, I knew it was going to be the catalyst for something big. Not just for the women in my hometown I hoped to reach, but for my own professional catapulting. In fact, FemCity contacted me the exact same week I told my husband I would be quitting my job. {A sign, I tell you!}

While I had been freelancing for years in marketing and event planning, I had always maintained a 9-5. How could I possibly represent a group of bold, adventurous, risk-taking women when I had always hidden behind someone else’s desk? After weeks of chatting back and forth, I signed on to be the president of FemCity Kansas City and gave myself a one-year deadline to quit my job {which I did in less than 6 months}.

The same month we celebrated one year of FemCity Kansas City, my family moved to Texas. Luckily, I joined a group of amazing Fems in Houston that gave me instant friendship and, over time, new clients for my business.

Recently, I’ve rejoined the FemCity team as the Business Development Director! I am so excited to be more involved again with this community that truly inspired me to take the leap of faith that is entrepreneurship.

No matter where you are in your professional career, I strongly encourage you to check out this group of extremely talented and supportive women. We can’t wait to meet you!

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