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When I had finally made up my mind that I was going to quit my job and start my own business, I knew I wanted to somehow document it. Whether I was to become a huge success or fail miserably, I knew I’d want to look back at my experiences {mostly to prove that my play-it-safe self actually did it}. So I did what so many people do when they’ve got something to say; I started this blog. And then it sat. For months.

They say the hardest part is just getting started and “they” aren’t freaking lying! It seemed impossible to begin something that I hadn’t begun myself. I started talking about quitting my job with my husband last spring. I didn’t make it a reality until September. Well, December has come and Santa’s practically hanging halfway down our chimney and I’m still struggling with exactly what I want this blog to be.

I want to support working moms. I want to help women start their own businesses. I want to encourage people to live the life they’ve always wanted and quit getting in their own way. I want to teach ways to be more efficient and squeeze maximum fulfillment out of each day. I want to share my personal and professional wins and losses {if you promise not to keep score} and maybe even help you learn something along the way.

One thing I am sure of is what this blog is not:

  • A mommy blog chock full of DYI projects and kids crafts. Don’t get me wrong, those sites are awesome! Check out my favorites here and here. I’ve spent hours dreaming of my children’s nurseries that could have been if I were capable of recreating my own Pinterest fantasies. Not my skill set. Moving on…
  • A mommy blog with tips on spending less money at the grocery store, tracking down the new “it” toy on a budget or anything related to being a better shopper. {You may find me sharing tips on how to be a quicker, more efficient shopper though!}
  • A mommy blog supplying your recipe book with tried and true favorites sure to get your kids eating their veggies and your husband asking for seconds all while you lose weight.
  • A mommy blog that speaks to all of your fears of parenting while making you feel normal {you are} for thinking you’re screwing up your kids {you aren’t}. It does exist though!

I appreciate everything these sites have to offer, and can even pull off one heck of a first birthday party with ideas borrowed from these creative geniuses. You just won’t find any of these things on this mommy blog.

So there. If the hardest part is getting started it should be smooth sailing from here, right?!

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  1. Lauren, good for you! You are a dynamo and I think you have valueable experiences and insights yet to share and yet to experience! What an exciting time this will be! I invited some friends and cousins to check it out. Although I don’t have little ones, I’ve learned a couple things that work for me in regards to working from home. One, make your office area as clutter free, comfortable, and Zen as possible. I invested in shelving for the basement to house the things I need for work but, don’t access as often. Reading The Art of Tidying Up helped with this! Also, lighting a candle- so, simple, but it helps me focus and feel peaceful. Two, start the day off by doing something that clears your head (that’s usually yoga for me). Three, Have plan B locations to work in case your feeling pulled to do chores or watch that show on your DVR when you’re on a deadline. T Loft is my go-to. Lastly, savor the advantages of working from home (taking a break to unload the dishwasher and keep the laundry going, or prep work for dinner). It can make evenings and weekends more focused on quality time with loved ones- an great pro to working from home. I’m excited to learn some things that work for you in your new blog! What an awesome way for women to support each other!!

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