#Fangirling SO HARD!

I can barely type this, because my hands are still shaking. I just spent a week and a half in Nashville, and “life changing” doesn’t even begin to cover it.

Have you ever been surrounded by four thousand people who share your goals? Have you ever had a chance to meet the people — I mean, have actual conversations with the people — who you most admire? The people who inspired you to do the things you’re doing now?

That was this week for me, at FunnelHacking Live.

It actually started a few days before FHL, with an incredible meeting with my Mastermind group, headed by my amazing coach and mentor, Liz. Hiring her was the most significant thing I have ever done for my business. It made all the difference, and getting to spend time with her in person is always incredible.

Plus, the rest of the Mastermind participants were also there, and the the energy was palpable.

Here is the secret to success in your online business, Mama. You need to surround yourself with the people who are doing the things you want to do. Hanging out with these people pushes me to be my best. They give me the courage to step up. They hold me accountable when I try to duck out. Look for these people in your own life, because they really will catapult you to success.

And then, just as I was coming down off the sky-high emotions of the Mastermind, it was time for FHL. It was like being on an insane roller coaster, and you think it’s over, but then someone pushes a button and the whole thing starts again.

In a good way. 😂

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I got to talk to Russell Brunson. Now, you have to understand, this is as good as meeting Taylor Swift. I’ve been a #fangirl ever since I found out Clickfunnels was a thing. I finally had a chance to thank him for the platform that not only helped me grow my freelancing business, but also hosts The Free Mama Movement.. And then Russell told me [amazing thing].

Plus, I bought my husband a ticket to FHL, because I really wanted him to get a glimpse of my world. I wanted him to understand what drives me, what inspires me, and what it feels like inside my head.

I think he got it.

And if there are people in your world who don’t get what you do, mama, maybe it’s time to invite them in. Let them see the things that matter to you. Let them feel what excites you.

And look for ways to bring life changing experiences into your own life. Maybe that’s a FreeMamaMeetup. Maybe it’s a conference that will put you in a room with 100 potential clients. Maybe it’s as simple as connecting with just one Free Mama in person.

Take the leap — because the ride is exhilarating!

P.S. Want to see my FAVORITE free video trainings? I’ve put them all together for you right here! Get out there and DO THE THINGS, Mama!

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