Our BIG news

Moving to houston big news

Are you ready? Do you think you can handle it? If your guess was that I’m pregnant with triplets, please lower your expectations.

Nope, our family isn’t expanding right now; we’re relocating!

The Goldens are moving to Houston, Texas. This unexpected news follows a great job offer to my husband, and my ability to do what I do from anywhere.

The truth is, this wasn’t a decision either of us took lightly. Not only did we have our two children to consider, but also my parents, the best neighbors in the world and a city we know and love {with a world series champion baseball team, might I add.}

This decision weighed heavily on our hearts, but it also brought up some great conversations and made us ask one another {and ourselves} some extremely thoughtful questions about what we wanted out of life. Ultimately, we decided as a family that the benefits of the move outweighed the familiarity of staying put.

They say everything’s bigger in Texas. We decided we wanted to find out for ourselves.

When opportunity knocks

My husband was initially approached by a recruiter who found him on LinkedIn through a professional automotive association to which he belongs. The phone call came completely out of the blue, followed by a trip to Houston two days later and an offer the following day.

This wasn’t a matter of being in the right place at the right time, this was opportunity knocking. We needed to decide, and quickly, whether or not we were going to answer.

I had to ask my entrepreneurial husband in every way imaginable if he was confident that he could go back to working for someone else after running the show at Pit Stop Auto Detailing the last two and a half years. The truth is, owning your own business is hard work! There are days he is more like a guidance counselor than a business owner. I would have understood if he said he wanted to take the back seat and let someone else sweat the small stuff day to day for a while.

But that wasn’t the appeal of the position. He didn’t accept the job because he was running away from the pressure of owning your own business. He took the opportunity being offered to him in a newly created roll at a remarkable company and saw the potential to build it into something even better. Just like he has done as a business owner. I know this because Justin has decided to keep Pit Stop and is implementing management strategies and outsourcing things like accounting to keep the company moving forward in his absence. Plus, it gives us a reason to come back to Kansas City often. And business expense it.

Money doesn’t buy happiness

A few years ago I went to a Mary Kay meeting with my neighbor. One thing was said that evening that has resonated with me ever since, so much so that it was part of the reason I decided to trade in my 9-5 to do the freelance hustle. Someone said, “We all know money doesn’t buy happiness. But it sure does buy us opportunities.” I suspect that it’s statements like this that drive so many women into direct marketing in the first place.

Think about it. It’s totally true. Remember when the lottery was in the billions not too long ago? {I know you do, because everyone bought a ticket.} It’s funny, but when my husband and I fantasized about what we’d do with our winnings, I told him I would want to go to a friend’s wedding across the country we otherwise couldn’t afford to attend. No private jets {although that would have gotten us to the wedding, too}. Just the ability to say yes to more experiences without consulting our bank account first.

The job offer was flattering, no doubt. In less than a week my husband had been flown out of town to meet with the CEO and was offered a well-paying position at a successful company in an industry he loves. I felt like it was my job as his wife to make sure his ego wasn’t getting in the way of his rational thinking. Did he like the idea of getting back on someone else’s payroll? There isn’t anything wrong with that, as long as he was truly going to find enjoy the work he was doing and the people he was doing it with

You can always change your mind

People are so afraid of change. I get it, change can be really hard. Especially when you haven’t had any input in the new and different. I think one of the reasons my husband and I are so willing to change {and change often} is because neither of us have any problems turning back and saying, “well, that didn’t work.”

When we were discussing whether or not to move to Houston, we imagined what it would be like not living close to my family and our friends. When it came time to actually tell those closest to us and the reality of disappointment set in, the conversations became more emotional for us both. While making our neighbors and family upset with our news didn’t convince us to stay, it did remind us how cared about we are here. We know that if the job or the city isn’t a good fit for our family, we will be welcomed back with open arms if it came down to it {plus, we’ll still have Pit Stop to fall back on}. Accept and embrace change, because you can always change your mind.

So I guess it’s time to dig out the bug spray and sunscreen and start teasing my hair {what do they say? The bigger the hair, the closer to God?}, because the Goldens are moving to Houston! Have you been? I’d love to hear any tips or recommendations in the comments, ya’ll!